This is where you will find all of the information about what we do in Reception.

The structure of our day mainly consists of a 20 minutes literacy session, a 20 minutes maths session and a30 minutes phonics session

During continuous provision, pupils will learn through discovery. Teachers will carefully plan activities and create areas to maximise learning opportunities for the pupils. During this time, the teachers continue to work with pupils in two ways; through 1:1 or small group focus work (i.e. to produce a piece of writing, or complete a maths task) or 'in the moment'. This is when a pupil is really engaged in their learning through discovery and a teacher will coach the pupil so that the pupil is continuously challenged and is extending their learning.

Throughout the day (except during the carpet sessions), pupils have opportunities to have snack and use the toilet and have water breaks. Pupils do not need to ask for permission for these.

Teachers read a story to the pupils daily.

Please check with your child's teachers for more details about our PE days. We are active on our daily basis, with a 30 minute free play after lunch and access to climbing activities / bikes through continuous provision.

Please click on the downloads below to read our curriculum maps.