The School Community

The Chelmsford Learning Partnership recognises that not only is Lakelands Primary School a new school, but it is a new school in a new and growing community. As such, it is important that the new school is an integral part of the community emerging in the Lakelands area. The ethos and vision of our educational provision is all about developing the sense of community in our schools and the trust is very proud of its achievements in this area in all our schools. Our experience in working with the community is central to the success of our schools.

Like all the schools in our trust, our facilities will be open to local community groups for use in the evenings, weekends and school holidays. It is important to recognise the outstanding roles that the schools in our trust already play in their communities. All our schools play an important an active role in working with families and local groups and the trust firmly believes that our schools are there to serve their communities. That is why we do not believe in academic selection and why our admissions arrangements prioritise those families who live near our schools. The trust believes that it is imperative that we work closely with community groups, not just using our premises, but working together on performances and projects as well as supporting local groups. 

We are fortunate to be joining a network of excellent schools in Stanway and Colchester and we look forward to strengthening these relationships and learning from each other. Lakelands is also proud to be a part of the Chelmsford Learning Partnership - CLP's vision for their schools is a simple one. We believe that, as a collective of schools, we are stronger together and that by working together we provide an outstanding education for every child. Our strength as a trust is reflected in many ways. Our schools are all popular and are always over subscribed. The outcomes for our students at all phases (Early Years Foundation Stage, Phonics, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, GCSE and A Level) are all significantly above the Essex and national averages. All our schools are judged by OFSTED to be Good or Outstanding. Finally, and most importantly, we offer our students an outstanding educational experience, regardless of their ability or background.

CLP also believe it is important for schools in our trust to keep their individual identity and all our schools operate with their own autonomous Headteachers, Leadership teams, staff and Local Governing Bodies; each with their own ethos that makes every school in our trust unique.

The Chelmsford Learning Partnership is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales with company number 07907388. Registered Office: Suite 78, Waterhouse Business Centre, 2 Cromar Way, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 2QE.