School Ethos, Values and Aims

Lakelands pupils are motivated learners with a sense of pride and strive to do their very best, whatever their background or starting points. Each child has an individual personality and our dedicated staff will help to develop their confidence and self esteem. Pupils will know about the importance of community and the values that underpin this; mutual respect, positive relationships and helping others. They will be responsible global citizens, equipped with the knowledge and skills to be forces of positive change in the world. They will leave our school in Year 6 ready for their next step as confident and compassionate members of society.

School Values

Our school motto "Be the Change" reflects the values we wish to instil at Lakelands. Our pupils will be creative, adventurous, brave and respectful to all. The school ethos and culture will be driven by our six core values:

C - Compassion

H - Honesty

A - Aspiration

N - Nature

G - Generosity

E - Equality

Implementation of school values

At Lakelands, pupils will learn about what it means to be part of a diverse and inclusive community. There are no outsiders at Lakelands, regardless of background, age, gender, abilities, race or religion. Our books are sourced by suppliers who ensure that that all children are represented in the books we read.

Pupils learn what it means to be generous with time and spirit. We pledge to promote empathy, kindness and compassion in all that we do, and in supporting our local community and the groups that represent them by setting up school visits and promoting joint venture activities. Pupils learn how to look after the local and global environment; and where possible we will strive to be an ecologically friendly school (e.g. composting food waste, natural resources in the classroom, using recycled photocopier paper).

At Lakelands, the wellbeing of our pupils is of paramount importance – we learn about mental health and how to look after our bodies and minds through the curriculum. We also create fun, engaging and meaningful experiences in all subjects including the arts, design and technology (including food preparation in a specialist space), humanities, physical education and computing. We will celebrate achievement and creativity in equal measures.

Through family dining, children consolidate skills such as table manners, pouring their own water and helping to set the table. Our staff eat with the children, supporting them to develop and maintain healthy eating habits, as well as connecting with them and continuing to build relationships outside of the classroom. As the school grows, pupils sit in mixed class groups.

As part of our community ethos, we are looking forward to strengthening the relationship between home and school - working closely with parents and carers to best support the development and education of their children. Parents and carers are always welcomed into school in a variety of roles and through special events. They help us to model positive behaviour and demonstrate respect and courtesy to the whole school community.


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