Local Governing Bodies are an essential element of our governance structure at the Chelmsford Learning Partnership.  For the governance plan for Lakelands Primary School please click here.

Each school in our trust must have a Local Governing Body (LGB) and the role of the LGB is to: 

  • To support the vision of the Trust 
  • To govern admissions/exclusions/complaints 
  • To monitor and be accountable for standards in the school 
  • Monitoring the educational performance of the school/s and progress towards agreed targets 
  • To act as a critical friend to the school’s Leadership Team 
  • To represent the views of and engage with the local community 
  • To agree a draft budget every year and submit this budget to the trustees 
  • To monitor the performance of the budget 
  • To authorise expenditure up to agreed levels in the Financial Regulations 
  • To ensure that the academy delivers ‘value for money’ 
  • To monitor appointments/appraisals of all academy staff excluding Headteacher/Head of School 
  • To oversee safeguarding procedures 
  • To monitor the School Improvement Plan 
  • To monitor and be accountable for the curriculum provision of the school 
  • To review and determine local policy 
  • To make representations to the Board of Trustees  

We will be recruiting governors to the LGB in the Summer Term of 2020.