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The very first pupils who will be attending our school in September will be Lakelands' ambassadors. They will demonstrate what it means to be a pupil at our school - a place where they will be happy, encouraged, respected, nurtured and challenged. Th...
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Twitter Tweet We are so excited about tomorrow, where our school is almost tripling in size! We finally get to meet our new to Reception pupils and we also have some new faces at school to introduce you to, too. See you in the morning! 8:30 for Y1; 9:00 for Reception.
Twitter Tweet 2/2 We wish you all a very restful, well-deserved summer ☀️☀️☀️ From the Lakelands Primary School Team
Twitter Tweet 1/2 To all those that supported us in our first year - thank you. Whilst challenging at times, because of the dedication that our staff, pupils, parents and wider network have shown, we end the year with some excellent outcomes and ready to accept our new cohort in September.
Twitter Tweet Recruiting now! We are looking for a HLTA who is ready to inspire our current and incoming pupils, ahead of their Lakelands journey. Please look here for more details.
Twitter Tweet Love to all at Lakeland’s Primary School! And good luck to the wormologists…
Twitter Tweet This was a great session for our Trustees and Governors. It followed on from sessions with all our staff earlier on this year. Would definitely recommend and to schools/trusts for staff and/or governor training in this area.
Twitter Tweet The power of explicit vocabulary teaching and reading classical texts...these are some of our writing outcomes in Reception, where we are reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Twitter Tweet Our phone lines are operating intermittently today - we are best reached via email at
Twitter Tweet This week, we have been learning about swamps. The children enjoyed exploring the sensations of the “oozy, disgusting, gooey, sticky, icky” mud. We let dinosaurs roam the swamp, had fun mixing in the water and squeezing the mud to make the water drip out of the saturated soil.
Twitter Tweet Last week, we were learning about measure. We had fun comparing heights of objects and children and created beautiful rainbows by ordering strips of paper from longest to shortest. We used different units to measure in and particularly enjoyed using the big foam bricks.
Twitter Tweet Oh no - Beware! A triceratops has appeared in the middle of our new library project! The children wrote some warning signs - can you see where they have used our new vocabulary 'beware' and 'carnivores'?
Twitter Tweet Some pupils read the book “Six Fish” in phonics last week - they then wrote these sentences independently practising their “hold a sentence” skills. All children have made such fantastic progress in their writing - we are so proud
Twitter Tweet Today the children found a beetle in the classroom. We put it safely in a pot and looked at it closely with a magnifying glass. We talked about how it looked and drew pictures. We then spent some time looking through our bug book to see if we could identify it
Twitter Tweet This week's newsletter, which features some of our favourite books to celebrate Earth Day (22nd April) can be found on our website.
Twitter Tweet Thank you also to for the recommendations of books to support the wider curriculum.
Twitter Tweet We are so proud of our literature spine based on and 's research. It's aspirational, vocabulary focused and the books have been carefully chosen with the Reflecting Realities report in mind. You can find a copy here -