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The very first pupils who will be attending our school in September will be Lakelands' ambassadors. They will demonstrate what it means to be a pupil at our school - a place where they will be happy, encouraged, respected, nurtured and challenged. Th...
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Latest News

Twitter Tweet We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the KS1 Physical Education, Sport & Activity Mark! The lunchtime and extra-curricular provision, as well as our work around family dining and healthy eating has been recognised by - we are very proud!
Twitter Tweet Thank you to our neighbours at Stanway Garden Centre for the donation of our Christmas tree. We love it! ☺️ 🎄
Twitter Tweet Our phone lines have been disrupted due to a power cut yesterday - please email the school on for any urgent queries.
Twitter Tweet We are delighted to share that we continue to be judged a 'good' school by . "Pupils are ambitious and live up to the school motto of 'aim high and fly higher'" - "Pupils are kind, courteous and polite towards each other and adults"
Twitter Tweet Ralph in Y6 has created this fantastic re-imagining of our House logos as bookmarks - the detail is amazing! Would they work as banners too perhaps? Please share far and wide!
Twitter Tweet It was wonderful to celebrate our inaugural awards evening at Chelmsford Cathedral this week. So may proud students, parents and teachers!
Twitter Tweet I hope you all had a good time, everyone should be very proud of themselves. We look forward to seeing you at more events soon
Twitter Tweet 5S have been inspired by their 'Highwayman' classic text to create this wonderful artwork - it's very effective!
Twitter Tweet Thank you to for putting on such a well organised fun run for KS1 - it was our school’s first time being represented at a sporting event and we could not be more proud of our Y1 superstars!
Twitter Tweet I was so impressed with the synchronisation in this year 5 class for music yesterday! Great focus and rhythm in their music lesson!!
Twitter Tweet We are looking for a SENCo, with a clear vision and who will cultivate an inclusive learning environment, to join our growing team. More information can be found here -
Twitter Tweet It was wonderful to see so many parents in school today taking part with the EID celebration activities in the hall. The children enjoyed making various sparkly and creative decorations.
Twitter Tweet *EXCITING OPPORTUNITY* - We are recruiting for roles at our school. Please look here for details about receptionist and midday meals assistant vacancies currently being advertised.
Twitter Tweet Please visit the school website for the latest newsletter. "Lakelands Newsletter - 22nd April 2022" |
Twitter Tweet *NATIONAL OFFER DAY* - We are so looking forward to getting to know our new children and their families joining us in September 2022. If you are still looking for a school place, please have a look on our website for details.