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Posted on: 10th Feb 2023

The Sound Collector (Year 1)

This week, pupils in Year 1 have been studying the poem 'The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough.

They started off by reading and performing The Sound Collector in class. Pupils then gathered 'sound' words and learnt about onomatopeia. They visited the park to find their own sounds, and became sound collectors themselves!

When they came back to class, they wrote their own sentences to put into a class poem, which they then performed for each other. Children also wrote their own poems, inspired by Roger McGough. 

Otis, Nott Class, said he enjoyed listening to The Sound Collector. "It was funny. My favourite bits were 'the ticking of the clock' and 'the scraping of the marmalade'. I liked making the funny voices and actions. I loved going to the park too!"

When asked how he felt about writing his own poem, he said "I like that you don't have to add full stops. I always forget these!"

We are so proud of all the pupils and the poems they wrote - excellent work, Year 1!