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Posted on: 21st Apr 2023

Creativity Day (21st April - Whole School)

On Friday 21st April, we celebrated Creativity Day here at Lakelands. The children had a lovely day exploring how we can express our creativity through our learning. During out whole school assembly we discussed how we are already creative at Lakelands, “We use drama in our lessons!” “We study artists” etc. During the day, teachers had been busy planning a range of creative tasks that they could embed within the curriculum.

In EYFS, pupils orally rehearsed and performed their retelling their focus book ‘Bedtime for Monsters’. They particularly loved acting out the gloopy mud!. In Year 1, the pupils began their artist study on Georgia O’Keefe and drew flower images inspired by her work. InThen in Year 2, pupils were tasked with presenting their work in a different way by creating 3D biome models to support their work in science.

It was so lovely to hear the children’s suggestions and how they feel they are already being creative here at Lakelands!

Written by Erica Cridland